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This place we dreamed, an ideal place in the heart of nature, in this region we are both from and where we live. Historically, we follow all the developments of green building and when the family grew, the desire to build a project suitable for large family life seemed obvious. We have long been concerned about the environment. How could we not be when you have five children? So we bought the land next to our house, charming without pre vis-à-vis surrounded by forest and enclosed by a dry stone wall and began to build Le Hameau de la Charme supervised by an architect firm study and companies to offer you the opportunity to rent this upscale property, design, modern and very comfortable to make your stay a wonderful memory.
Creation ex nihilo is houses for Burgundy region a novelty for both include innovations in passive housing and design a project in harmony with the landscape, heritage and local socio-economic soil.


Recent studies show that an increasing number of travelers seeking to discover not only new destinations and new places but also new forms of tourism increasingly sensitive to the environment and sustainable development.
The stress of modern life that many no longer want mass tourism in saturated regions and want peace to relax.
Burgundy, renowned for the quality and diversity of its landscapes and for the richness of its heritage is able to offer quality services to these people.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable development as defined in the Brundtland Report in 1987 « development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. « As a result, sustainable tourism must represent to customers, and useful experience for all tourism professionals, an enormous challenge.